Page 1 Google SEO Results – Guaranteed

Did you know that 90% of first time visitors to websites come from search engines? And that 70% of people don't look past the first results page? It's statistics like these that make Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) the process of improving how your website is listed in search results such as Google, a key component of the marketing plan for any online business.

Please see below samples of our guaranteed PAGE 1 SEO results for some of our clients.
As a professional SEO and webdesign company, we respect the wishes of clients who wish to keep their rankings confidential.

Client: Sydney Barrister

Keyword: Criminal Lawyer


The Challenge
This client engaged WEBTRONIC WEBDESIGN to have 3 strategic key words ranked on the first page of Google and “best efforts” to have each key word ranked #1.

The Result

All three keywords have been ranked #1 for 12 months. From time-to-time rankings jump from #1 to #2 or #3 (due to competition) however every 3 months the client pays WEBTRONIC WEBDESIGN for on-going SEO maintenance and regular link building.

Other Services
The clients website is seeing hundreds of hits every week and his phone does not stop ringing. He is so happy the client has since paid us to design / build / integrate a second website [] which has been eCommerce enabled and the client has also paid us to mobile enable both websites.

Client: Rapport Taxation Services

Keyword: Tax Accountants


The Challenge
This client engaged WEBTRONIC to have 1 strategic key word / phrase ranked on the first page of Google and “best efforts” to have "tax accountants" ranked #1.

The Result

When we first started SEO for this client the customers website was not even in the top 50 pages. Within 3-4 weeks Rapport Tax was on page six and after 5-6 weeks page one and within 7-8 weeks Rapport Tax hit the #1 Google ranking for "tax accountants". Rankings have since been jumping from #1 to #5 (due to competition) which demonstrates the importance of on-going SEO Maintenance.

Other Services
The client has seen such a huge increase in new clients they have since asked us to undertake a 6 month Google Adword Management contract at a cost of $300 p/m.

SEO Pricing

 SEO Keywords Page 1 Ranking #1 Ranking
 1 Keyword / Phrase  $2,000 $3,000
 2 Keywords / Phrase $3,000 $4,000
 3 Keywords / Phrase $4,000 $5,000
 Ongoing SEO Maintenance  $200 p/month $300 p/month 

SEO is one of the fastest growing industries and SEO techniques are constantly evolving. Today every business owner (big or small) understand their website has to be on the first page of Google (and where possible in the top 3 rankings) because this equates to a significant increase in customer inquiries and a significant increase in Sales = $. So if you want Guaranteed SEO Results Contact Us.


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