Why should I mobile-enable my website?

By 2014 there will be more people using mobile web devices than traditional desktops
The shift in users accessing websites using their handheld mobile devices has been dramatic in the last few years and it is strongly estimated that mobile web usage will overtake traditional desktop use by 2014.

This means more and more people are going to be searching for your business using their mobile phone or tablet. Is your site ready for this or are you just serving up your normal webpage which has not been optimised for the mobile web?

You have a chance that your competitors might not have done it yet

Awareness of the mobile phone website is not something many business owners are aware of so your competitors may not have had the chance to optimise their website to be viewed by smartphones. Now is the time to get your site mobile ready so that when people search for you on their mobile devices, the information they are looking for is immediately available. It is a great way of being ahead of the game and displaying how your business is technologically advanced.


Why mobile-enable your website?

Just like the early days of the Internet, many businesses and organisations were wondering how a website would help them. Obviously by now the public now expects you to have a website that at the very least, supplies basic information and a means of making contact. A website has become nearly as essential as a telephone.

Apart from fulfilling your current and potential customer’s expectations, a mobile-enabled website will help your business maintain and increase profits by giving you a competitive edge by taking advantage of the fast growing numbers of users using smart phones to surf the web especially when they are on the go and ready to buy. With people increasingly searching the Internet rather than the phone book when looking for a service or product, a mobile-enabled website is very quickly becoming a necessity to remain competitive.

If you have a business website, it can be viewed on a smartphone. However, it is difficult to read, awkward and slow to navigate, and poor at accessing your critical information. A custom-made mobile website from WEBTRONIC makes your critical information simple and clear to read on a smartphone, quicker to navigate, click to email, click to phone, click to location map, and more. 

What is the main reason why you need a mobile website?

According to a recent Google survey of smartphone users 93% use their smartphones while traveling and more and more users today are accessing the internet from a mobile device than from a computer. In fact more than 50% of internet searches are now being performed on mobile devices so you could be doubling your business leads by making your website smartphone friendly.


Regular websites have not been designed for mobile devices. They are either too big in file size, they load slowly or they do not support a lot of the new technologies. The result is the loss of potential customers. With literally thousands of devices out there, making sure your site looks good to all of them will certainly take more than just shrinking your site. We'll adapt your current site to your new mobile website or build you a mobile website from scratch at a price that you can afford. We realize that you have no time to worry about building a regular site, let alone your mobile website. With the expertise of our designers, developers and infrastructure specialists you can breath easy as we do the design and development of the site for you.


How much does it cost?

A basic custom-made mobile website will cost just $1500 and it will run on extremely fast secure servers providing quick page loading times, super fast navigation, touch screen page scrolling, and more. For most small and medium sized businesses, these features are a must to enable all your customers to instantly locate your critical information on their smartphones, wherever their busy lives take them. For businesses that have special requirements, there are a number of WEBTRONIC solutions and features available which can be quoted in a free consultation.


How long does it take?

WEBTRONIC mobile enabled websites can be developed to Concept stage in just a few days and depending on the changes and/or additions required, can also be made ready for final approval in just a few days. Customised mobile websites with special requirements can take 1-2 weeks.


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